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(NOTE: This page is presently being updated to include new features and models.  In the meantime, the links below will provide you with information regarding models available now, where to purchase, and technical assistance in updating your present RV to a lithium Battery System).

The pdf link below will provide you with our full product catalog.  Pages 20 & 21 will provide you with technical specifications and model numbers for both our PD9100L Series Floor Mount Lithium and PD4000 & PD4500 Wall Mount All-In-One Systems.  The PD9100L units can directly replace Lead/Acid Floor Mount Models manufactured by Progressive Dynamics and WFCO to easily update your RV to a Lithium System. 

Full Line Catalog.pdf

Note:  These units are designed to charge Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries only!

Where Can I Purchase Lithium Batteries & Converter/Chargers?

Progressive Dynamics has been working with several Lithium Battery Distributors to test and approve our Converter/Chargers on their batteries.  Some of these Distributors will also be able to provide you with PDI Lithium Converter/Chargers.  At the present time, the following Lithium Battery Distributors have approved our units.  Click on links below to go to their website for pricing information.

Technical Assistance for Present RV Owners and O.E.M. Customers Contact:

Progressive Dynamics, Inc.
Dave Dykehouse
Electronic System Sales
E-MAIL: pdiwest1@aol.com
PHONE: 805-895-2179

NOTE: When E-mailing, please include the state you live in and your phone number in case we need to contact you for additional information.



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