Welcome to Progressive Dynamics, Inc. Lithium Battery Power Centers Web Page

Progressive Dynamics has developed several models of 12 and 24-Volt Converter/Chargers designed to meet the requirements of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.  These units provide the Constant Current Constant Voltage charge profile required by Lithium Battery Manufacturers. Scroll down and click on the photo of the model you are interested in for complete specifications.

Where can I purchase these products?

Below we have listed our authorized distributors and links to their web sites that will provide you with pricing and delivery information.

How can I update my present RV to a Lithium Battery System?

Progressive Dynamics can provide Lithium Converter Models to replace most of the Lead/Acid units presently in the field.  This link, Lithium Converter Replacement Units, will provide you with the various Lead/Acid models manufactured by Progressive Dynamics, WFCO, Power Max and others along with the PDI Lithium replacement models or replacement sections to update your RV.

Full Line Catalog.pdf

Note:  These units are designed to charge Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries only!

Where Can I Purchase Lithium Battery Power Centers?

Progressive Dynamics has been working with several Lithium Battery Distributors to test and approve our Converter/Chargers on their batteries.  Some of these Distributors will also be able to provide you with PDI Lithium Battery Power Centers.  At the present time, the following Lithium Battery Distributors have approved our units.  Click on links below to go to their website for pricing information.


Can Supply Chargers