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Are you purchasing a Progressive Dynamics product on the internet? Before you buy, ask the seller about their warranty procedures. Does the retailer provide a "working" customer service or service department phone number? Does the Progressive Dynamics product that you are buying have a valid serial number? Some online retailers are selling Progressive Dynamics' products without a valid serial number...DON'T BUY THEM! We must have a valid serial number for all warranty service work. A valid serial number allows your warranty service topics to be handled smoothly and with ease.

In order for us to serve you better.

Before contacting us please see  Support Manuals-Troubleshooting guides

Follow the directions there before calling or emailing.

Please provide the Model number and the reason for needing help when calling or emailing.

E-Learning & Troubleshooting Interactive Video

Informational and interactive video features electrical systems and components of standard RVs and motorhomes

Should you have a problem with one of our products, please do the following:

Retail Customers

  1. Power Converters or Marine Battery Chargers are warranted for a period of 2-years after the date of purchase of the RV or Boat. If your unit is still under warranty, your dealer is responsible for contacting the manufacturer to obtain a replacement.
  2. If your RV Power Converter or your Marine Charger is out of warranty contact your dealer to purchase a replacement.

NOTE: As of May 1, 2014, Progressive Dynamics will no longer be supporting the warranty on our 2000 series marine converters. The model numbers included are PD2020, PD2020V, PD2030, PD2030V, PD2040, PD2040V, PD2050, PD2050V, PD2060, PD2060V, PD2080, PD2080V. Progressive Dynamics will still honor the warranty on all of our 2100 series marine converters.