PD9300 Introduction


     Welcome to the newest advancement in RV charging being offered by Progressive Dynamics.
 The PD9300 series offers features not standard in RV converter/chargers.

We now offer the ability to charge common battery types without having to replace your converter.

A simple procedure allows you to select between;

  • Flooded Lead Acid (FLA),
  • Absorbed Glass Material(AGM)
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Or you can select a fixed output of 13.6 VDC

A visual indicator will confirm the setting. Your selection is stored in
memory, guarantying the correct charging profile every time you power up.
The fully automatic advanced multi-stage charging of our “Total Charge Management System” (TCMS) ensures an optimal charging profile for the battery type you’ve selected. The accessory port will accept the PD92201 “Charge Wizard” remote pendant for manual control of the charger when needed. View the charging profiles and the operation of the remote pendant on the links below.


To prevent damage to the battery, select the proper profile before connecting the battery.



Product Information

Series Name Models coveredOwners / Installation ManualTroubleshooting GuideParts or accessories
PD9300PD9360, PD9245,
PD9330. PD9380
PD9300 Manual-English

PD9300 Manual-French
PD9300 Battery Selection

PD9300 Wizard-Pendant operation