Converter Status Remote Pendant

The Converter Status Remote Pendant plugs into the Accessory Port that is built-in on all PD9200 Series converters. The Converter Status Remote Pendant will indicate the Charger/Converter status and allows for manual Charge Wizard mode selection - Click Picture Below for Information
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Converter status remote pendant.
PD92201 Converter Status Remote Pendant $10.95 Add to cart
SPD9220146Pendant for PD4600 Series. This will also work on the PD4000, PD4100 and PD4500 series that have the 4 pin single row header.$27.95 Add to cart

PD9105 Charge Wizard Option for Lead-acid and AGM type Batteries

The Charge Wizard plugs into the TCMS connector located on the front of all PD9100 Series converters. The Charge Wizard uses microprocessor technology to make your converter an intelligent battery charger. Click Picture Below for Information
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Charge Wizard for lead-acid and AGM type batteries.PD9105V Charge Wizard for Lead-acid and AGM Type Batteries $32.95Add to cart

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