9100/9200 Series Power Converter Installation

Progressive Dynamics 9100/9200 Series Inteli-Power Converters can be mounted in any position, without adversely affecting operation. The 9100/9200 Series Converters should have a minimum of 5" of clearance or sufficient ventilation to ensure adequate airflow into and out of the compartment containing the converter.


When tightening the Positive and Negative battery leads to the converter, DO NOT USE AN AIR OR ELECTRIC HEX DRIVER! Use of these types of drivers will usually result in damage to the DC Terminal Block and requires the replacement of the entire Terminal Block. These connections must be tightened by hand using a 5/32 "T" Handled Hex Wrench. NOTE: if a converter is returned for repair and the hex head screws have been stripped, the OEM customer will be charged a $20 fee to partially cover the cost of replacing the DC output terminal block.

The 9100/9200 Series Converters incorporate a current limiting feature that prevents the converter from being damaged by trying to supply more current than it was designed for. During production of the RV it is possible that too many 12-volt lights and appliances may be “ON” at the same time exceeding the rating of the converter. If this occurs, the converter will shut down and all lights will go out. To correct this problem simply turn off some 12-volt light and appliances and the converter will resume normal operation. Once a battery is installed in the RV this condition does not occur, as the battery will supply the additional current required during periods of high current draw.