INTELI-POWER Marine Battery Charger Installation


Before working on any electrical equipment, first determine that there is no 120 VAC power applied to the wires. Check both AC and DC wires to ensure no power is present.

  1. Mounting Location – Mount the Inteli-Power Charger vertically flush on a bulkhead in a protected area away from rain or spray. Mount as close to the batteries as possible. Ensure that there is six inches of unobstructed area on all sides of the charger for air circulation and cooling.
  2. Mounting Hardware – Marine equipment is exposed to severe mechanical vibration and shock, the screws or bolts used to mount the charger must be 3/16” in diameter, backed with a flat washer. A lock washer should be used to prevent loosening of these screws due to vibration.
  3. Mounting the Charger – Hold the charger in place, mark all mounting hole positions, remove the charger and drill the holes. Install the mounting hardware on one side of the charger into the drilled holes, leave these screws loose at this time. Align the mounting holes on the charger with the hardware installed in the drilled holes, align and install the remaining hardware and firmly tighten all mounting hardware.
  4. To install the drip shield leave the upper mounting screws loose, slide the shield behind the base of the charger. Align the slots in the shield with the mounting hardware installed above and firmly tighten all mounting hardware.