Charge Wizard Installation

Inspect your Inteli-Power 9100 Series Converter to ensure it is operating properly. A voltmeter connected across the output terminals should read 13.6-volts +/- .3 volts.


  1. The Charge Wizard is not water tight, so do not mount it where it will be exposed to weather of wet conditions.
  2. Remove the mounting tape backing.
  3. Attach the Charge Wizard to a clean smooth surface. Do not mount it on the converter, as it is very difficult to remove, if the converter ever needs replacement.


  1. Disconnect the 120 VAC Shore Power Cord from the RV.
  2. Remove the screw above the converter TCMS port.
  3. Push the Charge Wizard plug into the converter TCMS port.
  4. Reinstall the screw to hold the plug in place.
  5. Reconnect the Shore Power cord to 120 VAC power.