Summary of Power Converter Warranty Program for RV/Marine Distributors

Progressive Dynamics provides a 2-year “Limited Warranty” for all Inteli-Power Converters sold to distributors. This “Limited Warranty begins on the customer’s date of purchase. The following summary of our warranty program was developed in cooperation with our Distributors and OEM customers. It is designed to meet the needs of the Boat / RV Owner, the Distributor, the OEM Manufacturers and Progressive Dynamics.


1. We ask that your retail customers fill out the Warranty Return Form. for replacement of defective converters. Customers must have the following information available before contacting PDI.

A. Model Number
B. Serial Number
C. Receipt showing Date of Purchase

2. If our service personnel determine that the converter is defective and under warranty, Progressive Dynamics, at it’s discretion will then ship a NEW converter or a Factory Serviced and Warranted replacement converter to the customer via UPS Ground.

If the customer requires faster shipment, the additional freight will be calculated depending upon Zip Code and charged to his/her credit card.

3. Once the customer receives the replacement converter, the defective converter should be returned to Progressive Dynamics in the same shipping carton to reduce the possibility of shipping damage.

Power converters that fail in the field are to be returned to the PDI Service Department at the following address.

Progressive Dynamics Service Department
507 Industrial Road
Marshall, Michigan 49068

Telephone 269-781-4241      Fax 269-781-8729

The RGA/RMA number must be written on the return box.


1. We understand that in some instances the distributor must replace a defective converter from his stock. We ask that the distributor service department first test the converter (CLICK ON TROUBLESHOOTING POWER CONVERTERS) before replacing the charger.

2. If these tests indicate the converter failed, the distributor is to replace the failed unit with a NEW converter from stock. The distributor must then contact PDI Service Department (269-781-4241) and obtain an RGA Number to return the defective converter to the PDI Service Department.

NOTE: The following data must be included with the defective converter.

A. The RGA Number
B. A copy of the customer’s receipt showing date of purchase

3. When the defective converter is received at PDI, it will be tested to confirm that the warranty claim is valid. Progressive Dynamics will then issue full credit to the distributor. This credit memo will reference the RGA number assigned.

NOTE: The distributor or customer is responsible for shipping costs to return the converter that failed to Progressive Dynamics Service Department within 30 days. Progressive Dynamics is not responsible for Dealer labor or trouble shooting charges!