Inteli-Power® 4000 Series


“Mighty Mini”  The Compact All-In-One System…AC/DC Distribution Panel and Inteli-Power Converter with built-in Charge Wizard®

Industry’s smallest all-in-one 45 or 60 Amp distribution panel/converter system. Available with our exclusive built-in Inteli-Power Converter…”The most reliable converter in the RV industry”. The converter section is easily accessible from the front. The AC Distribution Panel is rated for 120 VAC @ 30 Amps with up to 7 branch circuits. The DC section has 12 branch fuse holders, two wired to accommodate 30 Amp fuses, ten more with a maximum rating up to 20 Amps each. All wire tail connections. Reverse battery blown fuse indicator.

Inteli-Power 4000 Mighty Mini models can recharge the battery to 90% in 3-6 hours using our patented Charge Wizard technology:

  • BOOST Mode 14.4 Volts – Rapidly brings RV battery up to 90% of full charge.
  • NORMAL Mode 13.6 Volts – Safely completes the charge.
  • STORAGE Mode 13.2 Volts – Maintains charge with minimal gassing or water loss.
  • EQUALIZATION Mode 14.4 Volts – Every 21 hours for a period of 15 minutes prevents battery stratification
    & sulfation – the leading cause of battery failure.
  •  NEW!! Models  PD4045KA , PD4060K  (OEM)   and PD4045KV , PD4060KV (Retail)   Has a switch to select Lithium or Lead Acid Mode.

Watch the Tiny House Video

Progressive Dynamics “Mighty Mini” AC/DC electrical panel/wiring set up for a tiny house or camp cabin.

PD4000 Series Features

  • Switch selects between Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries.
  • Compact & lightweight.
  • Reverse battery protection with easy to replace fuses.
  • Electronic current limiting.
  • High and low AC input protection.
  • Intelligent, variable speed, cooling fan.
  • Automatic thermal protection.
  • Front access to large wiring compartment.
  • Snap-lock cover stays shut while traveling – opens with a touch.
  • Attractive lightweight panel design made from black impact-resistant high temperature polymers.
  • Covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 7,782,002 and RE39,461.

Inteli-Power AC Features

  • AC Distribution Panel rated for 120 VAC @ 30 AMPS.
  • Accepts up to 7 branch circuit breakers.
  • AC Panel features built-in push and lock strain relief wiring connectors for quick installation.
  • Saves over 50% on installation cost.

Inteli-Power DC Features

  • Converter/Charger section is accessible from the front.
  • The DC section has 12 branch fuse holders, two wired to accommodate 30 Amp fuses, ten more with a maximum rating up to 20 Amps each. All wire tail connections.
  • Reverse Polarity LED, an industry first, indicates blown fuses, a leading cause of perceived converter failure.
  • No more guessing. Replace the fuses and the converter is immediately operational.
  • The 45 AMP Mighty Mini has twelve DC fuse positions.
  • The Inteli-Power™ 4000 Series Mighty Mini is pre-wired for easy installation.
  • Switch selects between LA (lead Acid)  and LI (lithium batteries)


View the PD4000 Series Power Control Center Installation & Operation Guide

PD4000 Mighty Mini Inteli-Power Panel Specifications

Maximum DC Output Current 45-AMPS 60-AMPS
Maximum Continuous Input Power 725 WATTS 1000 WATTS
No Load DC Output Voltage 13.6 VDC 13.6 VDC
No Load Voltage Tolerance +/- .3 VDC +/- .3 VDC
Full Load Output Voltage> 12.6 VDC> 12.6 VDC
Ripple and Noise Voltage< 50 MV RMS< 50 MV RMS
Input Voltage Tolerance105 - 130 VAC105 - 130 VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 50-60 HZ 50-60 HZ
Peak Inrush Current 32-AMPS 47-AMPS
Input Current at Rated Power˜8.3-AMPS ˜11.4-AMPS
Efficiency (Typical) > 80%> 80%
Reverse Battery Protection YES YES
Electronic Current Limiting YES YES
Cooling Fan Auto-variable speed Auto-variable speed
Back Up Thermal Protection YES YES
Charge Wizard YES YES
Storage Temperature -20-80C -20-80C
Operating Temperature 0-50C 0-50C
Hipot Voltage Test<-------- 1240 V @ INPUT TERMINALS -------->
Over Voltage Protection YES YES
Under Voltage Protection YES YES
Weight 5.7 LBS. 6.7 LBS.
Cutout Size10.75W x 7.25H10.75W x 7.25H
Dimensions 12.28W x 8.875H x 7.25D12.28W x 8.875H x 7.25D
AC Distribution Specs:
Rating 120 VAC/30 AMPS 120 VAC/30 AMPS
Breakers Max. 30 AMP Main... Up to 7 Branch Circuits
DC Distribution Specs:
DC Fuse Positions 2 @ 30 AMP max. each

10 @ 20 AMP max. each
2 @ 30 AMP max. each

10 @ 20 AMP max. each
Reverse Polarity LED YES YES

Note: As of January 1, 2016, the hot buss in our model PD4045 and PD4060 is no longer supplied by Progressive Dynamics as it is not required for the proper function of the power center. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Service Department at 269-781-4242.