PD9105 TCMS Charge Wizard®

Charge Wizard for lead-acid and AGM type batteries.

The Charge Wizard PD9105 (for Lead-Acid and AGM type Batteries). This allows easy field upgrade to your PD9100 series deck mount converter/charger by simply plugging the Wizard into the built-in TCMS® connector located just above the fuses on the output panel. The Charge Wizard is a microprocessor-controlled unit that constantly monitors the RV battery voltage and then selects one of three charging voltages and one of four operating modes to properly re-charge and maintain the RV battery. The addition of the Charge Wizard makes your 9100 Series converter an intelligent battery charger that will safely and rapidly recharge a discharged battery by selecting the BOOST Mode (14.4V) of operation.

Once the battery reaches 90% of full charge, the Charge Wizardautomatically selects the NORMAL Mode (13.6V) to safely complete the charge. The STORAGE Mode (13.2V) is automatically selected after 30 hours of non-use of the 12-volt RV electrical systems. The lower charging voltage in the STORAGE Mode of operation reduces battery gassing and water usage, while maintaining the charge. Every 21 hours when the system is operating in the STORAGE Mode, the Charge Wizard will automatically switch to the EQUALIZATION Mode of operation. The EQUALIZATION Mode increases the charging voltage up to 14.4 volts for 15 minutes. This increased voltage mixes up the battery electrolyte and prevents battery stratification and the resulting problems of battery sulfation. View the literature.

The PD9105 TCMS Charge Wizard is available for purchase if you don’t have one. Click Here to Purchase!

Charge Wizard Products

(for the 9100 series only)

Plugs into the accessory port of the PD9100 series converting it to a 4 stage charger.  Shows charger/converter status and allows for manual mode selection.  Buy Now

(for the 9200 series only)

The Button and Light function is  available as a pendant.  This allows easy field upgrade to your PD9200 series deck mount converter/charger by simply plugging the pendant into the built-in  receptacle on the side of the PD9200. Buy Now

What is the Charge Wizard?

Our patented Charge Wizard 4-stage system uses microprocessor technology to add intelligent charging capability. It constantly monitors the RV battery and automatically adjusts the converter output voltage based on the battery’s charge status – designed to eliminate battery over & under charging problems associated with most other battery chargers and provide rapid yet safe battery recharging after dry camping.