Progressive Dynamics Offers Quality Recreational Vehicle Products to the RV Industry

Inteli-Power® AC/DC Distribution Panels & Power Converters

RV power center converters & chargers

Patented Charge Wizard 4-stage system

Industry leading RV AC/DC Power Distribution Panels

Automatically senses generator power and prevents two power sources from entering the AC Distribution Panel at the same time.

  • 1,000 watt continuous power
  • 2000 watt peak power
  • Units available with built-in GFCI or without
  • Remote sold separately (25' cord)

PDI's Background in Manufacturing - Products for the RV Industry

Progressive Dynamics, a private corporation, was established in 1964 to manufacture products for the growing Recreational Vehicle industry. Our initial product was an LP gas regulator used in RV's to control the flow of LP gas to the furnace, stove and refrigerator.

In 1968, we developed our first linear power converter/battery charger combination for the RV OEM market. Since 1968, our proven record of preventing battery problems has made Progressive Dynamics' power converters the quality standard for the major RV manufacturers.

In 1969, we introduced our first series of 12-volt interior lights: the PD761, PD762 and PD762. This was followed in 1971 by the PD750 Series, the first low-cost plastic 12-volt interior RV light. These lights are still the standard for quality and excellence in low cost 12-volt interior RV lighting. We introduced the PD770 Series of 12-volt lighting in 1991. These lights were well received by the market and were the lighting package of choice in the 90's. We recently introduced our latest series of RV interior lighting, the PD780 Series. This new Euro-Design features two different lens styles; Pearl, and Opal, to meet the need various lighting requirements throughout the RV.

In 1993, Progressive Dynamics began manufacturing the 9000 Series of Electronic Power Converters. This new design gave the RV manufacturer a reliable electronic power converter that was smaller, lighter, and provided regulated and filtered DC power to all 12-volt RV circuits. The sales success of this new design convinced us to look at ways to further improve the battery charging capabilities of our converters.

During extensive testing on the recharge cycle of batteries, our engineers soon realized the need to develop an intelligent battery charging system using a microprocessor. By 1996, they had designed a circuit that could continuously sense battery charge status and then use this data to automatically increase or decrease the charging voltage as needed.

This microprocessor was to become the heart of our Total Charge Management System (TCMS). The new 9100 SeriesElectronic Converters first introduced in late 1996 were designed with a built-in TCMS connector to allow the RV manufacturer, dealer or owner to easily plug-in the microprocessor package. This microprocessor package was so intelligent we gave it the name Charge Wizard®. The Charge Wizard has four modes of operation each designed to solve battery recharging and maintenance problems. The Boost Mode increases converter voltage to 14.4 volts and provides rapid battery recharge up to 90% of full charge level. The Charge Wizard then automatically selects Normal Mode, which reduces the voltage to 13.6 volts and safely completes the charge. Once the battery has reached full charge and remains unused for 30 hours, the Charge Wizard selects Storage Mode and further reduces the charging voltage down to 13.2 volts. This lower voltage maintains full charge status of the battery and reduces gassing and water loss. The fourth mode of operation is the Equalization Mode. Equalization Mode is automatically selected every 21 hours when in Storage Mode of operation. Equalize Mode increases the converter voltage from 13.2 volts to 14.4 volts to eliminate battery sulfation and stratification…the leading cause of battery failure. Click on Charge Wizard for additional information.