Inteli-Power® 4100 Series

Charge Wizard.

AC/DC Distribution Panel & Power Converter with Built-In Charge Wizard®. Direct replacement for WFCO 8735!

  • Compact All-In-One-System.
  • Available with our exclusive built-in Inteli-Power Converter…
    “The most reliable converter in the RV industry.”
  • The converter section is easily servicable.
  • The AC Distribution Panel is rated for 120 VAC@ 30 Amps with up to 5 branch circuits.
  • The DC section has 6 branch fuse holders, with a maximum rating up to 30 Amps each. All wire tail connections.

Inteli-Power 4135 can recharge the battery to 90% in 3-6 hours using our patented Charge Wizard technology:

  • BOOST Mode 14.4 Volts – Rapidly brings RV battery up to 90% of full charge.
  • NORMAL Mode 13.6 Volts – Safely completes the charge.
  • STORAGE Mode 13.2 Volts – Maintains charge with minimal gassing or water loss.
  • EQUALIZATION Mode 14.4 Volts – Every 21 hours for a period of 15 minutes prevents battery stratification & sulfation – the leading cause of battery failure.

PD4135 Features

  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Total Charge Management System
  • Electronic Current Limiting
  • Back Up Thermal Protection
  • Direct Replacement for WFCO 8735
  • Over and Under Voltage Protection
  • Covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents:
    7,782,002 and RE39,461


View The Inteli-Power PD4135 Owners Manual (PDF)

PD4135 Inteli-Power Panel Specifications

Maximum DC Output Current 35-Amps
Maximum Continuous Input Power 550 watts
No Load DC Output Voltage 13.6 VDC +/- .3 VDC
Full Load Output Voltage> 12.6 VDC
Ripple and Noise Voltage<100 MV RMS
Input Voltage Tolerance 105 - 130 VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 50-60 HZ
Peak Inrush Current 90-Amps
Inout Current at Rated Power7.3-Amps
Efficiency (Typical) > 80%
Reverse Battery Protection YES
Electronic Current Limiting YES
Cooling Fan Auto-variable speed
Back Up Thermal Protection YES
Charge WizardYES
Storage Temperature -20 - +80C
Operating Temperature 0-50C
Hipot Voltage Test1240 VAC @ Input
Over Voltage Protection YES
Under Voltage Protection YES
Weight 3.8 lbs.
Cutout Size10.25"W x 7"H
Dimensions 11.25"W x 8"H x 3.8"D
Listing Agency ETL
AC Distribution Specs:
Rating 120 VAC/30 Amps
Breakers30 Amp Main + 5 Branch
DC Distribution Specs:
DC Fuse Positions & Max. Ratings5-30 Amp & 1-40 Amp
Blown Fuse Indicator LEDsYES