PD5000 Series AC/DC Power Distribution Panel – 30 Amp, 120 VAC


We’ve designed this attractive 5000 Series 30 Amp AC/DC Power Distribution Panel to fit your electrical installation cost requirements. PLUS, it’s loaded with features you won’t find in many other panels costing substantially more than this competitively priced unit. Covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: RE39,461; 6,424,520; RE40,354; 6,430,036.

* Retail and OEM Part Numbers will be determined by your selected options when you place your order.


  • Provisions for 30 Amp AC main and up to 9 AC branch circuits.
  • Generous wiring space for easy installation– also reduces costly wiring errors.
  • Built-in wire strain relief for each branch circuit. Saves over 50% on installation costs.
  • Space for up to 12 fused DC branch circuits for 12 Volt lighting and DC appliance circuits.
  • Accepts rated fuses up to 30 Amp – eliminates auxiliary fuse panels for slide-outs and leveling jacks saving you even more money.
  • Attractive light weight panel design made from black or brown impact-resistant high temperature polymers.
  • All 12 VDC branch circuit connections located on outside rear of panel – reducing installation time and costly errors.
  • High current 12 VDC input power terminal strip provides easy connection point for battery and converter.
  • Optional: 120 VAC, 15 Amp outlet available for power converters and other AC appliances.
  • Optional: 11 terminal negative 12 VDC bus bar provides common connection point for all DC circuit negative wires.


  • Dimensions: 13.4″ W x 7.1″ H x 4.0″ D
  • Cut-out Size: 12.25″ W x 5.875″ H
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs.