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The Charge Wizard is our patented microprocessor-controlled circuit built into all our PD9200 Series converters. The Charge Wizard  constantly monitors the RV battery voltage and then selects one of three charging voltages and one of four operating modes to properly re-charge or maintain the RV battery. The addition of the Charge Wizard makes all our 9200 Series converters an intelligent battery charger. It will safely and rapidly recharge a discharged battery by automatically selecting the Boost Mode (14.4V) to rapidly re-charge the battery to 90% of full charge. Once the battery reaches 90%, the Charge Wizard automatically selects the Normal Mode (13.6V) to safely complete the charge. The Storage Mode (13.2V) is automatically selected after 30 hours of no significant usage of the 12-volt RV electrical systems. The lower charging voltage in the Storage Mode of of operation reduces

 battery gassing and water usage, while maintaining the charge. Every 21 hours when the system is operating in the Storage Mode, the Charge Wizard will automatically switch to the Desulfation Mode of operation. The Desulfation Mode increases the output voltage up to 14.4 volts for 15 minutes. This increased voltage mixes up the battery electrolyte to help prevent battery stratification and the resulting problems of battery sulfation.


Plug in a Converter Status Remote Pendant

      Plugs into the Accessory Port on the PD9200 Series converters to

      show charger/converter status and allow for manual mode selection.

Plug in a PD9105 TCMS Charge Wizard

      For lead-acid and AGM type batteries.

      Plugs into the TCMS Port on the PD9100 Series converters.





The chart above shows the amount of time it took a PD9155 (55-amp) converter set to three different output voltages to recharge a 125 AH (Amp Hour) battery after it was fully discharged to 10.5-volts.

14.4-VOLTS (Boost Mode) Returned the battery to 90% of full charge in approximately 3-hours. The battery reached full charge in approximately 11 hours.

13.6-VOLTS (Normal Mode) Required 40-hours to return the battery to 90% of full charge and 78-hours to reach full charge.

13.2-VOLTS (Storage Mode) Required 60-hours to return the battery to 90% of full charge and 100-hours to reach full charge.

As you can see the Charge Wizard's ability to increase the voltage of our converters from the Normal Output Voltage of 13.6-volts to 14.4-volts in the Boost Mode, will significantly reduce the time it takes to recharge your RV battery. The lower voltage 13.2-volts Storage Mode, helps prevent battery gassing and water loss allowing you to keep your RV plugged into 120 VAC power during storage to maintain the battery at full charge.

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