PD2100 Series Marine Converters/Chargers

PD2100 marine battery converter/charger.
Marine UL Listed

The Inteli-Power Four-Stage Charging System

Our patented system is designed to provide the optimum charging voltage at all times during the recharge cycle. Battery voltage is constantly monitored by the microprocessor, which then automatically selects one of four operating modes as follows:

Boost Mode – Selected whenever the microprocessor senses the battery voltage is very low. Boost Mode provides a higher charging voltage that rapidly brings the battery up to 90% of full charge. The digital display will show the word BOOST when the charger is in this mode.

Normal Mode – Automatically selected once the battery reaches the 90% charged level. This lower voltage safely completes the charge and the unit will remain in this Normal Mode as long as the 12 Volt systems are being operated. The digital display will show the word NORMAL when the unit is in this mode.

Storage Mode – Activated automatically when the 12 Volt systems are turned off and the battery has been fully charged for a period of 30 hours. The digital display will show the word STORAGE when the unit is in this mode.

Exclusive Equalize Mode – Prevents battery stratification and power robbing sulfation. When the charger is in the Storage Mode, the microprocessor automatically equalizes the battery by increasing the voltage from 13.2 Volts to 14.4 Volts for 15 minutes every 21 hours. This higher voltage remixes the electrolyte mixture of water and sulfuric acid. Battery manufacturers recommend that Lead-Acid batteries be equalized every 30 days or 10 discharge cycles.

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What is Battery Stratification?

The Electrolyte in Lead-Acid batteries is water and sulfuric acid, and if a battery is not fully charged immediately after discharge, the sulfuric acid begins to form a layer of heavy concentration at the lower portion of the battery. Our exclusive Equalize Mode prevents stratification and sulfation.

Note: Gel-Cell and AGM batteries do not require an Equalize Mode.

Inteli-Power charging system.

Lead-Acid Batteries

BOOST Voltage = 14.4 Volts
NORMAL Voltage = 13.9 Volts
STORAGE Voltage = 13.3 Volts

GEL-CELL Batteries

BOOST Voltage = 13.9 Volts
NORMAL Voltage = 13.3 Volts
STORAGE Voltage = 12.8 Volts

AGM Batteries

BOOST Voltage = 13.9 Volts
NORMAL Voltage = 13.3 Volts
STORAGE Voltage = 12.8 Volts

Four stage charging system for marine power converters / battery chargers.
Programming for PD2100 Series marine converter / charger.

Inteli-Power Converter/Chargers can be connected in series to provide a combination 12/24 Volt system, or in parallel to provide more current (as shown below).

Inteli-Power Converter/Chargers connected in series.
Inteli-Power Converter/Chargers connected in parallel.


  • Available With Output Ratings From 20 to 80 Amps.
  • Field Programmable To Properly Charge Lead-Acid, Gel-Cell, or AGM Batteries.
  • Micro-Processor Controlled Four-Stage Charging System Provides Rapid Recharge And Long Battery Life.
  • Digital Meter – Displays Current, Voltage, Operation Mode, Blown Fuse Indication, and Battery Type.
  • Built-In Self Test
  • U.S. Patent: 7,782,002

Battery Charger Safety & and Reliability Features

  • Four-Stage Charging
    Systempatented Microprocessor constantly monitors battery voltage and automatically selects one of the four charging modes; BOOST, NORMAL, STORAGE or EQUALIZE.
  • 3 Diode Isolated Outputs
    allows the converter/charger to charge three separate banks of batteries. Each output is capable of handling the full rated current of the charger.
  • Patented Reverse Battery Protection
    prevents converter/charger from being damaged if the batteries are accidentally connected to the charger in reverse.
  • Over Voltage Protection
    prevents high voltage spikes from damaging the converter/charger.
  • Electronic Current Limiting
    limits the output current to the maximum rating of the charger to prevent overheating and damage caused by shorts or excessive loads.
  • Intelligent Cooling Fan
    only runs as fast as required to maintain a more constant operating temperature inside the converter/charger. This feature reduces thermal stress caused by fans that cycle on and off.
  • Regulated Output Voltage
    prevents AC Line voltage variations from being transmitted to the batteries and 12 volt circuits.
  • Automatic Over-Temperature Shutdown
    prevents converter/charger damage in the event the fan is unable to cool the charger due to inadequate compartment ventilation.
  • Series or Parallel Connection
    Inteli-Power Converter/Chargers can be connected in series to provide a combination 12/24 Volt system, or in parallel to provide more current.

PD2100 Series Specifications Table

Number of Battery Banks 3 3 3
Maximum Continuous DC Output Current - Available on each output 40-AMPS 60-AMPS 80-AMPS
Maximum Continuous Input Power 650 WATTS 1,000 WATTS 1,300 WATTS
DC Output Voltage (Normal) 13.9 VDC 13.9 VDC 13.9 VDC
DC Output Voltage (Boost) 14.4 VDC 14.4 VDC 14.4 VDC
DC Output Voltage (Storage) 13.3 VDC 13.3 VDC  13.3 VDC
Full Load Output Voltage (Normal) > 12.6 VDC> 12.6 VDC> 12.6 VDC
Input Voltage 105 - 130 VAC 105 - 130 VAC 105 - 130 VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 50-60 HZ 50-60 HZ 50-60 HZ
Peak Inrush Current 32-AMPS 47-AMPS 80-AMPS
Efficiency (Typical) > 80% > 80% > 80%
Reverse Battery Protection YES YES YES
Electronic Current Limiting YES YES YES
Over Voltage Protection YES YES YES
Back Up Thermal Protection YES YES YES
Ignition Protected YES YES YES
Storage Temperature -20C to +80C -20C to +80C -20C to +80C
Operating Temperature -10C to +50C -10C to +50C -10C to +50C
Hipot Voltage Test
Onboard CHARGE WIZARD With Automatic 4-Mode Charging YES YES YES
Weight 5.9 LBS. 6.4 LBS. 9.2 LBS.
Dimensions 10.9"L X 7.8"W X 4.2"H 10.9"L X 7.8"W X 4.2"H 15.2"L X 7.8"W X 4.2"H
Marine UL & c UL Listed YES YES YES

* Fan controlled by temperature sensor normally operates only during high load or high ambient temperature conditions. All output voltages are +/- 0.3 VDC and specified for lead acid type batteries. All voltages are 0.4 VDC lower for gel type batteries.

NOTE: As of May 1, 2014, Progressive Dynamics will no longer be supporting the warranty on our 2000 series marine converters. The model numbers included are PD2020, PD2020V, PD2030, PD2030V, PD2040, PD2040V, PD2050, PD2050V, PD2060, PD2060V, PD2080, PD2080V. Progressive Dynamics will still honor the warranty on all of our 2100 series marine converters.