I can't thank you enough for helping me resolve my ATS problem

The replacement board arrived today and I installed it right away. SUCCESS! The Genset kicks in with a 15 second delay. I now know why the builder of my horse trailer used Progressive Dynamics products throughout my rig  - The  Transfer Switch as well as the Power Converter, Distribution Panel, Lighting and even a Charge Wizard. Great products!

Thanks again and all the best, Pam Johnson

Just wanted to drop you a note

I just bought newer RV & just bought my 2nd convertor from you guys. I screwed one of them up putting it in. Your service dept. repaired it & sent it back in a timely manner. Great job, nice to see there are good companys out there, that care, have nice employees.

Thanks again, Ron Miler

Progressive Dynamics Customer Service
Goes "Beyond the Call of Duty"

Don Mullins, Progressive Dynamics motorhome power converter owner.
I am Don Mullins (Raleigh, NC), owner of a Progressive Dynamics Power Converter (PD9140). Last week, while using our motorhome, I noticed this (normally very reliable) Power Converter was not functioning properly.  It appeared to have a loose internal connection. I removed the unit, opened it, and found the problem was a broken special screw.  This special screw mounts the positive output voltage lug to the printed circuit board. The screw's shoulder had broken, and the lug was therefore no longer firmly attached to the board.  This special screw is a very unique design - it could not be purchased at a hardware store, and it could not be repaired. The only reasonable solution to my problem was to obtain an exact replacement part from Progressive Dynamics.

I called Progressive Dynamics Friday morning and left a message with the technical service department --- requesting a return call. By mid-Friday afternoon, I had not been contacted, so I called again and spoke with a woman who acknowledged receiving my earlier message.  She indicated the service department had been very busy all day, and the person I needed to speak with had not yet had time to return any phone inquiries that day.  I explained that we are leaving on another trip in this motorhome next week, so my need for this special screw replacement part was quite urgent, and I would surely appreciate a call back that day if possible.  (This Power Converter is long out of warranty.)  Frankly, I did not expect to receive a call back that day, since it was already getting to be rather late in the day.

To my surprise, very late Friday afternoon, Progressive Dynamics' David Watson returned my call.  We had considerable discussion to identify precisely which part I needed.  David was in no rush, and he invested extra time to be certain he fully understood my problem.  As it turned out, this Power Converter is an older model which was manufactured in 1997. Present day models no longer use the special screw I needed. David Watson took the time to locate a similar Power Supply (which was not repairable and had actually been thrown in the trash), and was able to remove the special screw which I so desperately needed.  David shipped me the part immediately at no charge.  I have now received the special screw, installed it, and this old Power Converter is once again operating perfectly.

THAT IS WHAT I CALL SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!  Please express my sincere appreciation to David Watson for going "beyond the call of duty" to satisfy the need of a Progressive Dynamics customer. 

You can be certain that I will tell others about my experience with your company, and I will purchase your products again as opportunity arises.

Sincerely, Don Mullins